Bulldog Camp Activities

Located in the western mountains in the heart of the north Maine woods, Enchanted Pond and its surrounding area is an outdoor playground for all ages. As a traditional Maine sporting camp, we're excited to share our neighborhood with you and invite you to join us on any number of our daily camp activities and excursions. Check out the activities we offer below, listed with duration and pricing.

Whether you are visiting us for the first time or coming back to see us again this year, we hope you'll try something new, learn a bit about our home township, and get acquainted with some of our outstanding guides! (Guide service fees included in all activities; Gratuity NOT included.)

Jackman Maine Bulldog Waterfall Hike Coburn

Hike to Coburn Falls-

1 hour, Guided: $25, Non-Guided: FREE. Enjoy an easy hike to this beautiful hidden waterfall about 1/2 mile from camp. Look for the trail head where the small bridge crosses the camp stream.

Guided Lake Fishing-

4 hours, $250/up to 3 people. Take a fishing tour around our pond and learn all its fisherman's secrets!

Lake Tour By Boat-

1 hour, $75/up to 4 people. Hop on board one of our boats with a knowledgeable guide and take a journey around Enchanted Pond to learn the history of the camps, the area, and all the local wildlife. Be sure to have your camera handy and keep an eye out for moose, beaver, hawks, loons, and all our other neighbors!

Enchanted Pond Bulldog Lookout Hike
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Hike to Enchanted Lookout-

2.5 hours, Guided: $125, Non-Guided: FREE. A moderate hike to the summit of Bulldog Mountain, our camps' namesake and the second highest peak on Shutdown Mountain. Enjoy a snack & drink as you rest on the vista point overlooking the entire pond, the camps on the northern end, and beyond. Fairly easy mountain hike, not too strenuous.

Stand-Up Paddle (SUP) Boarding-

Lessons/Guided Lake Tour: $45/hour including board & equipment, Non-Guided Rental: $30/half day. Try out the country's fastest growing sport in a safe and comfortable environment! Join us out on the lake, cover technique, balance, and style, and learn what Stand-Up Paddling is all about in it's numerous forms.

Water Trampoline-

Located just off the main beach/swimming area, this fun addition is free for all guests. Test out your sea legs!


Test your endurance and try out our new parcourse! This 1 mile loop stops you at several intervals where you will be tested on your balance skills, upper body strength, sprinting abilities, and much more. Race around the trail with friends, or start your morning off with a good mental and physical exercise.

Fly Fishing Lessons-

$40/hour. Practice and hone your skills with our expert guides while learning about the fishing in the area and the art of casting a fly. Then paddle out on Enchanted Pond to test your new skills from one of our canoes.

Seasonal Wild Berry Picking-

2 hours, $25/person. The mountains are full of wild blueberries, blackberries & raspberries...if you just know where to find them. You'll enjoy these treats as much as the bears around here do! (Only available seasonally)

Guided Fly Fishing Trips to Remote Ponds-

8 hours, $350/day. One of our specialities, this trip takes you to some remote ponds in the area that are fly fishing only and remain today as they were over a century ago.

McKenney Caves Tour-

2 hours, $25/person. Grab your flash lights (or borrow one of ours!) and join us on a spelunking adventure into the mysterious local limestone caverns complete with an underwater river! We'll study a map of the caves before we go, and show you lots of interesting things to see along the way. Be sure to wear long sleeves and pants along with a good pair of shoes, and prepare to get wet.

Tarzan Rope Swing-

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Give us your best Tarzan yell and we'll let you ride for free! Well, you always ride for FREE on this brand new addition to our camps, but we think it's more fun to hear you holler! Prepare for hours of fun for both the young AND the young at heart.

Kid's Adventure Day!-

8 hours, $200/full day for 1 child, $100 each additional child. Want your kids to enjoy the wilderness as much as you do? Enroll them in our Adventure Day which includes kayaking on the lake, a cave tour, a canoe trip on a local remote pond, a picnic lunch, and education about Maine's wildlife and the history of its working forestry program. The day ends with an ice cream social back at the main lodge.

Lawn Games-

Looking to enjoy the outdoors from your cabin porch? Check out our lawn game shed, fully equipped with croquet sets, horseshoes, badminton, frisbees, footballs, and much more!

Canoeing & Kayaking-

Rental: $30/day. What a beautiful way to explore the shoreline and look for wildlife while you're at it! Paddle around Enchanted Pond exploring the inlet & outlet and see if you can spot the remnants of an old log sluice along with some of our friendly local residents: Mr. Beaver, Dr. & Mrs. Loon, Prof. Bald Eagle, & Ms. Moose.

Mountain Biking-

Guided Tour (2 hours): $75 including bike & helmet, Non-Guided Rental: $40/day. Enjoy the peaceful mountain trails on a tour right from your cabin door! Keep an eye out for wildlife!

Waterfall Trip-

4 hours, $250/up to 4 people. This half day excursion takes you to the most picturesque falls in the area located just 17 miles from camp. Bring your camera as you'll want to snap some pictures of your new favorite swimming hole located underneath the 40 ft. falls! Includes snacks

Astronomy/Star Gazing-

A little elevation and a lot of distance from the city lights gives us the advantage here. See how many constellations and planets you can spot, follow satellites along their orbits, keep an eye out for shooting stars, and you might even catch a glimpse of the bands of the Milky Way or even a shadow of the Aurora Borealis! Always FREE and always gorgeous, enjoy the flawless night sky like you never have before.

Sunset near Enchanted Pond

About Our Guides

At Bulldog Camps, we believe in a healthy balance between professionalism and fun. That's why all of our guides are licensed and registered with the state and have CPR certifications, along with a personality and flair for the outdoors and the work that they do. For more information on the complete testing process required to become a Registered Maine Guide, visit the Maine IF&W site.