Maine Coyote Hunting

The Maine coyote population has been drastically increasing for several years. This has provided for an exciting and productive hunt.

Bulldog Camps offers both day and night hunts. A coyote hunt over bait is our specialty. Wind proof shacks and open tree stands are placed over active baits to ensure daily sightings. Calling for these predators only increases the excitement of this hunt and has proven very successful over the years.

Although Maine allows coyotes to be shot year round, Bulldog Camps runs coyote hunts from December 1st to the last week in March.



Understanding The Coyote

Understanding the coyote's habits, their nature and the way they react to certain factors is the key to a successful hunting experience. Coyotes are members of the dog family and are now widely spread throughout North America. They are highly adaptable creatures managing to change their diets, habits and social dynamics to survive in almost any environment. They can be found in couples, packs and even alone at times. Coyotes have excellent smell, vision and hearing which enable them to find food rapidly and to stay away from danger.

Coyotes are also well-known for their evasiveness, which can help them get closer to their pray without being seen or heard. The coyotes hunt both day and night their diet consists of mice, rabbits, squirrels, other small rodents, insects, deer, fruits and berries of wild plants. The coyote's mating season starts in January and lasts until the late March and has a gestation period of about 2 months.

Coyote hunt

Bulldog Camps offers both day and night coyote hunts.