Maine Sporting Camps

All prices are based on a 2 person 2 night minimum

Jackman Maine Fly Fishing Package


  • $175 per night (includes 2 people) 2 night minimum
  • Each Additional Adult - $60
  • Each Additional Child (under 10) - $50
  • Weekly Rate (7 nights) - $1100 (includes 2 people)
  • Weekly Rate Each Additional Adult - $375
  • Weekly Rate Each Additional Child (under 10) - $325

Jackman Maine Camps


    American Plan includes lodging, 3 meals, drinks and desserts.

  • Adult - $140 per person 2 night 2 person minimum
  • Child - $100 per child
  • Adult Weekly Rate - $850
  • Child Weekly Rate - $650

    Dogs: $25/day


    All inclusive package includes lodging, meals, motorboats, canoes, kayaks, SUP boards.

  • $175 per day per person
  • Kids $125 per day per person
  • Adult Weekly Rate - $1100
  • Child Weekly Rate - $800


Include meals and lodging. View the hunting menu on our Maine hunting page.

  • Fall Bear Hunt - $2600 per person per week (Fully Guided Hunt)
  • Moose Hunt - $6500 (Permit Only)
  • Bird Hunt - $150 per person per day (Non Guided Hunt)
  • Bird Hunt - $950 per week (Non Guided Hunt)
  • Guided Bird Hunt with dog - $500 per day (in addition to meals and lodging)
  • Deer Hunt - $950 per person per week (Non Guided Hunt)
  • Deer Hunt - $1200 per person per week (Semi Guided Hunt)
  • Deer Hunt - $4250 per week (Single Fully Guided Hunt - Double $6000)
Jackman Maine Antler Hunt


Includes meals, lodging, and use of motor boats and canoes

  • Fishing $175 per day per person (Non Guided)
  • Fishing for kids $125 per day per person (Non Guided)
Jackman Maine Cabins


  • Fishing - $400 per day
  • Hunting - $450 per day


  • Motorboats $60/day
  • Canoes, kayaks, paddle boards $30/day


Due to Covid we require payment in full at time of booking, no refunds for cancellations, no shows, or early departures.


Check in 2 p.m.
Check out 10 a.m.

Credit Card Policy

If your card is declined a $15 fee will be imposed when using a credit card for final payment. We reserve the right to refuse credit cards at our discretion.

Check Policy

Bulldog Camps accepts personal checks. However, we do charge a $50 fee for ALL returned checks. Your check is to be received within 7 business days to confirm your reservation. We reserve the right to refuse personal checks at our discretion.


We do allow dogs; there is a $25 charge per dog per day with a two dog per cabin maximum. Dogs are to be kept off the furniture. No dogs are to be left unattended; all messes are to be picked up. Please bring a leash or chain; dogs are not to run free at anytime. Guests are responsible for any damages caused by their dogs to Bulldog Camps property or the property of any guest of Bulldog Camps. We have the right to refuse any dog for any reason. For your safety and the safety of others do not bring aggressive dogs. Please follow these rules we love dogs and want to continue to allow dogs.

A $100.00 cleaning fee will be charged for allowing dogs on furniture or beds.ALWAYS INFORM US OF YOUR INTENT TO BRING A DOG WHEN MAKING YOUR RESERVATIONS

Historic Bulldog Camps

Bulldog Camps has been around for over 130 years. Check our Maine cabins page to learn more about the camp history.

Enchanted Pond is the site of the famous log sluice built by Henry McKenney.

The shores of Enchanted Pond are scattered with fossil rocks from millions of years ago making it a popular tradition for rock picking by many guests.

For those looking to go back in time and leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life behind, Bulldog Camps is your destination.

"We are back for our second year, and had as much fun as the first. We saw 9 moose, 1 coyote, many ruffed grouse, and beautiful scenery. Darren, Sierra & Jordan have a special life going on here. We are envious! Nice people, good food, great hunting & a beautiful spot. Thanks for letting us have a great time here." Sue & John Green, Kennebunkport, ME

"Wonderful!! This was everything I dreamed it could be and more. Wonderful family! I will return many more times. Thanks to the entire Savage Family and of course Timber & Cedar (the dogs)." -- Frank Greiner, Kirkville, NY

Bulldog Camps Enhanted Pond